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Baking is easier than you think! 

Have you ever wished you could prepare homemade cookies? Or have you ever thought it shouldn't be challenging to make delicious yet beautiful recipes? Or did you ever get discouraged once you saw complex recipes? 

With my baking masterclass, you will be able to prepare homemade cookies for every occasion!

For all baking enthusiasts

I designed this self-paced course for everyone. Whether you're known for being the best baker in the house, or you want to start a new hobby, my recipes are easy to follow and include different levels of complexity. I'll guide you step by step.

Easy to find ingredients

You will be amazed at how simple ingredients make delicious cookies! Flour, butter, sugar, and eggs are the essential ingredients you need. Then, we'll have fun adding new ones to create completely different recipes.

Unique recipes

I will share my cookie recipe notebook with you! These are some of my all-time favorites that I have perfected over the years. I will also teach you techniques and best practices to help you create yummy cookies for every occasion!


I am a treat maker specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes, and unique treats. I started baking when I was only nine years old and never stopped! What began as a fun activity turned into my business throughout the years. I was lucky to understand baking was my call, so I decided to become a content creator and share my knowledge. I always have fun baking, and so can you! I am based in Florida, a mother of two, and I love beautiful aesthetics. With my recipes, the result is both delicious and gorgeous!

Master baking techniques and prepare delicious recipes for every occasion.

Let me tell you how this 4-hour course is structured and how you will learn while preparing delicious recipes.


This baking course features my all-time favorite cookie recipes. After each batch, I've been perfecting and giving them a personal touch. After years, I can tell you that my 25 favorite recipes are perfect! I'm happy to share them with you, guiding you through the process and providing the techniques you need to become a confident baker.

Classic Cookies

Eight classic recipes, from chocolate chip cookies to oatmeal or peanut butter!

Mix Ins and Fixins'

Things get serious with these seven recipes that include salted caramel cookies!

Flavored Favorites

Imagine red velvet cookies or even brownie cookies... seven recipes beyond imagination!

It's technically a cookie!

My recipes of vanilla madeleines, pink meringues, and vanilla macarons.


My Brownie Heart Pop recipe, just in time for Valentine's Day! This is one of my most requested recipes of all time! It's been a secret; now it's yours.